“From Kamakura in Sagami province to the northern province of Sado is a journey of more than a thousand ri over treacherous mountains and the raging sea. The wind and rain make untimely onslaughts, bandits lurk in the mountains and pirates lie in wait on the sea.

The people at every stage and every post town are as bestial as dogs or tigers, and you must have felt as though you were underrgoing the sufferings of the the three evil paths.  Moreover, we lie in troubled times. Since last year our country has been filled with rebels and finally, on the eleventh day of the second month of this year, a battle broke out. It is now almost the end of the fifth month, but society has not yet been restored to tranquility.

Nevertheless, despite all the risks involved, you travelled to Sado carrying your infant daughter, since her father, fro whom you have long been separated, was not to be depended upon for her case. I cannot even imagine the hardship you must have suffered during your journey, much less described them in words.”

(Nichiren Daishonin, “Letter to Nichimyo Shonin”).


Drawing by abbysoekarno,2011


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