The Mother’s Love

BEN_2827The Nirvana Sutra relates a story called “A Poor Woman’s Love” :

Once upon a time there lived a very poor woman. She was alone throughout her life and had no home to live in. She wandered through many countries begging for food, tormented by illness and starvation. While staying at an inn, she gave birth to a fatherless child. The innkeeper drove her away. Though exhausted from the childbirth, she had no alternative but to leave for another country, clutching her newborn infant. On her way, violent wind and rain, along with the bitter cold, assailed her. Mosquitoes, gadflies, wasps and poisonous insect also attacked her relentlessly. In trying to cross a river she began to drown, but even so, she never loosened her hold on the baby. Finally, both mother and baby drowned.

Drawing by abbysoekarno,2011.


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