The Birds of The Snow Mountain

BEN_5146In ancient times there were mountains in India called the Snow Mountains. These mountains were so high that the cold there penetrated to the marrow, and, as their name indicates, snow lay deep on the ground throughout the year. In this mountains lived two homeless birds called Kankucho. When evening fell and darkness gathered, the female bird, unable to bear the cold, would cry, “I’m perishing from the cold!” To which the male bird would reply, “Let’s build a nest when the day dawns.” But as soon as the sun rose and birds were bathed in the warm sunshine, they forgot all about the cold which tormented them during the night. They reasoned: “We might be destined to die today or tomorrow; nothing is changeless in the world and we are strangers to eternal peace and tranquillity.” Thus they spent their entire lives in vain without ever building a nest.


Drawing by abbysoekarno,2008.


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